How To Get A Gun & Concealed Weapon Permit In Union County, NC

Union County nc gun permitUnion County, NC - Our office frequently receives calls for information about permits to purchase guns and permits to carry a gun concealed. Here is some information that should be helpful. This article addresses purchase permits.

There is not a law in North Carolina that requires that a handgun be registered with the local Sheriff. However, a permit from the local Sheriff is required to purchase a handgun or a cross bow.

This requirement applies to purchases made from a commercial dealer or a private individual. This requirement also applies whether it is a transaction for money, an exchange or a gift.

Any time the weapon changes hands, a permit is required. The permit must be obtained in the county in which the applicant lives.

In Union County, NC you may apply for a gun permit to purchase a handgun or cross bow in person at the Sheriff’s Office or download the application and mail in the completed form.

Up to four (4) handgun permits may be issued per application with a maximum of eight (8) permits issued per calendar year. The cost is five dollars ($5.00) per permit. Payment is required when the permit(s) are picked up.

Handgun Purchase Permit Requirements:
Applicants must:
Be a U.S. citizen, a naturalized citizen or a resident alien.
Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
Have been a residence of Union County for at least 30 days.
Provide a valid N.C. driver’s license or other picture identification issued by the state of North Carolina showing current Union County address.

Additionally, applicants must:
NOT have been convicted of a felony or currently under indictment for a felony.
NOT be a fugitive from justice.
NOT be an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana, any depressant, stimulant or narcotic drug or any other controlled substance.
NOT have been adjudicated incompetent on grounds of mental illness, nor have been committed to any mental institution.
NOT have been convicted of a domestic violence offense.
NOT be the subject of an active restraining order including a Domestic Violence Protective order (50-B) that alleges any domestic violence or threat of domestic violence.
NOT have unresolved criminal charges pending.
NOT have a substantial history of criminal convictions, arrests or reports demonstrating a continuing pattern of criminal activity.
NOT have been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions.
NOT be an illegal alien or unlawfully residing in the United States.
NOT have renounced their United States citizenship.

For more information regarding permits to purchase a handgun, please visit our website at

Pauline Lucore

2010 Union County Sheriff

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4 comments to How To Get A Gun & Concealed Weapon Permit In Union County, NC

  • Rosie

    I have considered purchasing a gun for the house. This article talks about handguns. What about a rifle or shotgun? What about a permit to carry concealed? Does a permit to purchase entitle one to carry also?

  • Dawn

    You must be 18 years of age and able to fill out and pass a ATF 4473 and then pass a FBI NICS backgroung check, for a shotgun or rifle.The same must be done for a handgun also. You do not need the FBI NICS background check with the permit though. The Sherriff’s Dept. can help you on the concealed weapons permit. The permit to purchase does not allow a person to carry a weapon concealed! It is for purchasing only! Hope this helps.

  • Janis

    I took the course at the Sheriff’s Dept. over 10 years ago to carry a concealed weapon, but never got the permit. Do I have to take the course again in order to get the permit to carry?

  • Pauline Lucore

    Most likely you will have to take the course again. However, you may contact Lt. Warren Stephens 704-283-3585 to verify.
    I’m working on my next blog article concerning Concealed Carry Permits. Should have it posted in a couple of weeks.

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